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Who is DOXA? Doxa began servicing clients in Southern California in 1985 when the Founder and President of Doxa offered her administrative and marketing skills to small start-up businesses, ministries and independent business owners, who were unsuccessfully dealing with the administrative challenges that are inherent when operating a business.  She found that she was able to afford these organizations the ability to represent themselves in a professional and appealing manner, while allowing the business owners and professionals to do what they did best.  As her clients' companies prospered, the demand for Doxa's services increased. A partnership was formed with these independent business owners and Doxa Business Solutions was born.

With clients spanning across the United States, Doxa  is now based out of Atlanta, GA. and has a team of experienced and highly skilled independent contractors to serve its diverse clientele. Doxa is a proud member of the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) as well as the International Virtual Assistant Association. Every Virtual Assistant and Business Support Specialist that works with Doxa Solutions is committed to upholding the exceptionally high professional standards of the International Association of Administrative Professionals and the Code of Ethics of the International Virtual Assistant Association.

What 's In A Name?
You may be asking yourself, what does "Doxa" mean? Doxa is a Greek word which has been translated to mean dignity, glorious, honor, and praise. Doxa is the root of our english word "Doxology" which is an expression of praise or an expression of glory. At Doxa Business Solutions, our desire is to encourage and assist others to conduct and represent their business in a way that is honorable, brings dignity, and characterizes their most authentic professional and personal ideals.



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