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Frequently Asked Questions 


What exactly is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant (VA) is an individual who provides business support services in a variety of areas.  They do not work out of your office, but work virtually for you from our company offices.  Support service areas can include website development and maintenance, marketing, search engine optimization, content writing, graphic design and link building.  A VA is not an employee, but an independent contractor who provides services through our organization for a monthly retainer. 


How do I start the process of obtaining a Virtual Assistant?

To begin the process, you can call or email our office and provide us with a detailed description of your project and its requirements, including deadlines.  We will then work with you to determine how long you will require the services of one of our VAs.  We will then select a VA for you that have the experience and qualifications to meet your requirements.  The more detailed your request, the better we can match up the most qualified VA to fit your needs. 


How can I be sure that the Virtual Assistant selected for me is qualified?

All of the virtual assistants that work with Doxa Solutions must successfully pass an intensive pre-employment screening process.  This involves IQ testing and background checks including personal references and verification of educational requirements.  They also complete an intensive 160 hour training program to ensure compliance with Doxa's practices and procedures. 


Is it really cheaper to hire a Virtual Assistant than a full-time employee?

Without a doubt.  By using one of our VAs, you only pay a monthly retainer for their services.  There are no other hidden fees involved.  Hiring a full-time employee makes you liable for all kinds of additional costs such as federal and state payroll taxes, FICA, unemployment insurance, vacation pay, employee benefits and training costs.  You also don’t have to worry about paying for any additional office space or equipment costs for desks, chairs, computers, etc. 


Most Virtual Assistant companies only offer administrative and secretarial support.  Is it possible to get skilled support for my website?

Yes, this is our specialty. Most Doxa VAs are proficient in all areas of website support from graphic design to SEO to content writing and all things in between. 


How can I trust that my intellectual property is secure?

At Doxa Business Solutions, LLC, we realize that trust is one of the most important factors in our collaboration with our clients.  Therefore, we take several steps to ensure your intellectual property is safe.  We also have a strict Code of Ethics that our VAs must abide by.   Other important measures we take to protect your privacy include: Internet firewalls, security software to prevent any unauthorized downloading, forwarding or printing of your sensitive data.





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